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The Future of Primsland

Primsland is to be a primitive micronation, once forest land is bought Primsland will open with primitive shelters, tools and weapons but little modern technology is allowed...and people will be allowed to live their rich or poor...and modern food and tools (but chainsaws, drills and etc) will be allowed.


Primsland had been created for a school project, soon developing into a full-on micronation with its first president, President Carl first President of Primsland, with the help of his vice president and his wife Vice president Myriam they had pulled Primsland into the world by working hard to create a good Economy...create Primsland's Currency and to form Alliances with once enemy Micronation's. President Carl and his Wife the vice president had soon ended their term after 12 years of being reelected three times. After their term ended the position of President was abolished...and the Monarchy of Primsland with King Carl I and queen Consort Queen Myriam I...Primsland remained in the kingdom this current moment.

Primsland's Currency

Primsland's currecy will be made as mud brick coins made by coin makers (a job that will be created when the Primitive land will begin)...With a mold (created by the king) of his crown...with the latin words of long live the king...which is Vivat rex around the edges...this currecy will only be useful in Primsland and U.S money will be useful both currencies will be used to buy bows, arrows, caught fish and more. Primsland will have a five coin tax and coins can be earned by doing jobs or just being coin makers.

Law and Order

There will be Primsland police armed with Knives, spears and bow and arrows that will protect the security at the border gate which will be guarded 24/7 by our local police that will arrest anyone causing chaos. Primsland's laws will always be enforced if a illegal item or activity is used without the Monarchy's official okay.


Primesland, in the Government with the Monarchy on top of it all their are Prime minsters, Dukes and earls, Lords and Advisers that are in control under the Monarchy the royal princess holds the title of Duchess of Wingscrane and controls more under the Monarchy even being able to change a lords title...when the Heir is crowned they are given the titles of Duke of Colesburg, royal knight of Primesland and king or queen of Primeland. Their is also the Religious leaders such as Pope Marian the strong, whom resumes his reign as Pope for years with his Wife Nadge...their is also the title of Cardinal given to Cardinal Ben I brother of Queen Myriam the first giving him a powerful advantage in the the Government.