Prime Minister of Aspen

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Prime Minister of
Kingdom of Aspen
Aspen Government Logo.png
Archie Birch

since 9 February 2021
StylePrime Minister
The Honorable
His Excellency
Member ofCouncil of Ministers
Council of State
National Security Council
NominatorFederal Assembly
Appointerthe King
Term lengthat the pleasure of the monarch
Constituting instrumentConstitution of the Kingdom of Aspen
Formation27 November 2018
First holderCai O'Gorman
DeputyDeputy Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Aspen, officially the President of the Government of the Kingdom of Aspen is the head of government of the Kingdom of Aspen. As head of government, the Prime Minister chairs the Council of Ministers and directs the policy of the government.

The Prime Minister is elected by the National Assembly on the proposal of the King of the Aspens. The King may in theory propose whomever he chooses to the position, however in practice the Prime Minister is a member of Parliament who can command the majority of the National Assembly. The Prime Minister is a member of the Council of Ministers, the Council of State and the National Security Council.

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The Prime Minister is proposed by the King, but requires the consent of the Federal Assembly before he can form a government. In the election of the Prime Minister, the proposed candidate is chosen by a secret ballot by the members of the Federal Assembly, however, if the candidate proposed by the king does not secure a majority of the votes cast, the Federal Assembly may propose a different candidate within ten days of the initial vote. If no candidate receives a majority, then the Federal Assembly is dissolved and new elections called.

In practice, the candidate for prime minister is almost always the leader of the majority party or coalition in parliament, and thus is guaranteed a majority of votes cast.


The Prime Minister may be dismissed by the King at any time at the King’s discretion. The Prime minister may also tender his resignation to the King on his own initiative. The King may dismiss the entire government, or just the prime minister, retaining the government.

The Prime Minister and government may also be removed by a motion of no confidence, in which case the Federal Assembly must propose a new candidate for Prime Minister along with the motion of no confidence. Additionally, either the Federal Assembly or Federal Council may pass a censure motion urging the King to order the resignation of the government, however, unlike a motion of no confidence, a censure motion does not result in the immediate removal of the Prime Minister or Government.


The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Aspen is the de facto chief executive of the Kingdom of Aspen, and thus has a number of duties unique to that position. The Prime Minister proposes the members of the Council of Ministers and chairs the government except in cases when the King chooses to preside. The Prime Minister also nominates deputy prime ministers, however the position of deputy prime minister does not require parliamentary confirmation and does not immediately succeed to the office of Prime Minister if the Prime Minister dies, resigns, is removed from office, or is rendered incapable of performing the duties of his office.

In addition to administrative roles, the Prime Minister sets the legislative agenda of the Federal Assembly and directs the foreign and domestic policies of the state. The Prime Minister’s signature is also required on royal decrees concerning organization of state institutions.

The Prime Minister also serves ex officio as a permanent member of the National Security Council and the Council of State.

List of former Prime Ministers


Name Party Portrait Term of office Government Monarch
Independent 28 November 2018 February 2019 N/A James II
Independent February 2019 8 May 2019
Acts of Parliament Passed 8 May 2019
Independent 8 May 2019 20 May 2019 Saffron Ministry James II
Suyash Adhikari Constitutional Suyash.PNG 23 May 2019 25 May 2019
’’(Impeached and removed from office)’’
Adhikari Ministry
Rt Hon.
Cai O'Gorman
Labour 25 May 2019 19 July 2019 O'Gorman Ministry

Prime Ministers

Name Party Portrait Term of office Government Monarch
Rt Hon. Sir
Cai O'Gorman
Labour 19 July 2019 25 January 2020 O'Gorman James II
His Grace
Archie, Duke of Blacksburg
Liberal Monarchist 100px 25 January 2020 31 January 2020 Birch
Rt Hon.
Baron O'Gorman of Pazistan
Labour 31 January 2020 25 February 2020 O'Gorman II
His Highness
Thomas, Prince of Albemarle
Liberal Monarchist 6 September 2020 2 January 2021 Bainbridge
The Honorable
Archie Birch
Independent 9 February 2021 Present Birch II

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