Prime Minister of Wynnland

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Prime Minister of Wynnland
Premierminister von Wynnland
Shield of Wynnland.png
Shield of the Kingdom of Wynnland

since September 13, 2021
StyleThe Right Honourable
(Wynnland and Empire)
Prime Minister
His/Her Excellency
Member ofDas Unterhaus
Term lengthAt His Majesty's Pleasure
Inaugural holderThe Prince of Wheatley-Fehlhaber
FormationJune 1, 2020
DeputyDeputy Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Wynnland (informally abbreviated to PM), is the head of government of the Kingdom of Wynnland. The Prime Minister directs both the executive and legislative powers, and together with their Cabinet is accountable to the monarch, to Parliament, to their party, and ultimately to the electorate, for the government's policies and actions.

The office of the Prime Minister is established in the constitution of Wynnland. Forwardly stated in the constitution, the monarch appoints a Prime Minister who has the command and confidence of the House of Commons; this individual is typically the leader of the political party or coalition of parties that holds the largest number of seats in the chamber. The position of Prime Minister was created by the signing of the Constitution in 2020. Though the official position of Prime Minister is fairly new, the idea of a chief advisor or head of government to the House of Schroeder has been long established. The first individual who held a similar position to this was the Queen Dowager which assumed the position of regent for Maximilian's family in 2004. In 2010, this would change to Wayne Wheatley. In 2020, with the establishment of Wynnland, Wayne Wheatley served as the country's first Prime Minister.

In late 2020, His Majesty would dissolve the House of Commons and in turn forward the position of Prime Minister to the most confident member of the House of Lords. A Member of the House of Lords who had the most votes during every state opening would receive the position of Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Wynnland. This was nicknamed the Frankbaden system and was in use until 2021, when His Majesty went back to using the Westminister system of Government.

The status and executive powers of the Wynnish prime minister means that the incumbent is consistently ranked as one of the most powerful democratically elected leaders in the micronational world.

Authority, powers and constraints of the office

Constitutional background

Foundations of the office

Early prime ministers

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