Prime Minister of Mileria

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The Prime Minister of the Republic of Mileria
Predseda Vlády Milerskej Republiky
Milerian Presidential Standard.png
The Official Standard of the Prime Minister

The Honorable,
Michael D. Hauser
Since June 8, 2018

Formation 24 October 2011

Term length At the House of Assembly's discretion

Appointed by Milerian House of Assembly

Inaugural holder Michael D. Hauser

The Prime Minister of Mileria (Predseda Vlády Milerskej Republiky) is the head of government of the Republic of Mileria. The Prime Minister is the leader of a political coalition of parties or the leader of the majority in the Milerian House of Assembly and presides over the Cabinet (under the supervision of the President), as well as a few other government agencies.

The Prime Minister is appointed by the President of the Republic after wining the most votes in the elections. His or her political party in the House of Assembly must not be opposed by a majority. If a government loses in a vote of no confidence, the Prime Minister is to resign, and the parliament is to dissolve.

The Prime Minister has the power to dismiss the Cabinet, along with the President of Mileria, however, is not necessarily obligated to do so. The Prime Minister has a fairly wide political influence, as his or her power is nearly equal to the President. He or she also has the power to recommend candidates for the post of Minister as well as dismiss the from their office.

The incumbent Prime Minister of Mileria is Michael S. Hauser. He is the first Prime Minister, and the first member of the National Party of Mileria to serve. While he is a member of a political party, however, there are no opposing political parties as of December 2011, meaning he is serving without a coalition government.

List of Office Holders

Portrait Duration Name Information
Michael D. Hauser, the First Prime Minister of the Republic of Mileria 8 June 2018 - Michael D. Hauser Michael D. Hauser was the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Mileria