Sir Jack I, Duke of Caeruleus

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HRG Sir Jack I, Duke of Caeruleus
His Royal Greatness, Sir Jack I, Duke of Caeruleus, 1st Prime Minister of Caeruleus, founder of Caeruleus

Reign Since 2 Quadramense 85 (22 December 2014)
Father B. Rosenberg
Mother HRH Princess Catherine I
Born Duomense 73 (2002), United States of America IPhone image 2015-7-11-1439354011496 0.jpg

His Royal Greatness, Sir Jack I, Duke of Caeruleus, is a member of the Caerulean royal family. He is also the 1st and current Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Caeruleus.


HG Sir Jack was born Duomense 73 (2002) in the United States of America to Princess Catherine. He lived with his sister, Madame Helena I, Duchess of Caeruleus, until she moved up north with her father. Sir Jack's first micronation was the Republic of the Community Islands, which was established in Unumense 83 (April 2012). From then on, he and his friends established various "nations", with all of them in extremely close proximity. Starting in Late 84, Sir Jack took a more serious look on micronationalism, when he established the Principality of Juddlandia. He later renamed it to the Kingdom of Juddlandia, and finally the Kingdom of Caeruleus. He currently resides in America, and lives in an apartment with his mother, HRH Princess Catherine.

As Prime Minister of Caeruleus

Prime Minister Jack
1st Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Caeruleus
Assumed office:
2 Quadramense 85 (22 December 2014)
Predecessor Office Esablished
Successor Incumbent
Personal information

On 2 Quadramense 85, or 22 December 2014, the Kingdom of Caeruleus formally declared independence. It was at this time HRG Sir Jack became the first Prime Minister of the nation. Since then, the country has seen great prosperity, with Sir Jack producing Caerulean currency, conducting coronations and jubilees for King Lewis, and partaking in territorial expansions.