Prime Minister of Istria

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Republic of istriei.PNG.png Prime Minister of Istria Republic of istriei.PNG.png
Prim Ministrul Republicii Istriei
The Seal of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Istria.png
Mister Petcu Adrian

Formation September 7, 2005
Style The Honourable
Prime Minister
His/Her/Their Excellency
International Correspondence

Term length 3 terms

Appointed by P.O.R.I.

Inaugural holder P.O.R.I.

The Prime Minister of Istria (officially:The Prime Minister of Republic of Istria) is the leader of Government within The Istrian Republic.

The position of Prime Minister is the second most senior Istrian public office after that of P.O.R.I. It is followed by the office of deputy Prime Minister who supports the Prime Minister in their duties. The Prime Minister is the most senior member of the Gouverment's cabinet.

The Prime Minister is appointed by the P.O.R.I. The current Prime Minister is Petcu Adrian who was appointed on July 13, 2013.

The Prime Minister reports to both P.O.R.I and the Parliament.

Official title

The official title in English is The Prime Minister of Republic of Istria, in Romanian: Prim Ministrul Republicii Istriei and in Italian: Il Primo Ministro della Repubblica Istriana. or Il Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri della Repubblica Istriana (Rarely used)

Functions and Power

The role of the Prime Minister is to put into effect laws and discuss different subject matters with it's great cabinet of ministers.

The Prime Minister, leads The Istrian government by directing overall policy and chairing the Cabinet of Ministers within the Gouvermnt of Republic of Istria.

Rename & Rebrand

From the formation of the Republic until 2007 the office was named The Office of the Vice President. Was renamed because the head of the gouverment position merged with the Vice President role after a very controvertial figure made the Istrian news, Loianovsky Nate. He was seen as the first and last Head of Gouverment, the Prime Minister, since serving as an imaculate image of the country, a representative of the Istrian spirit, and a piller that supported every important event. Since, the Prime Minister's office have been settled in Bloc, the location chose for the Vice President, as the Head of State, beeing located in Hamburg. When Hamburg, Luca, Bloc and Dupa merged in 2021, the metropolate of Hamburg became the most important city in Istria, despite beeing the capital. The rebranding of the Prime Minister has been done along the years with each Prime Minister bringing a little to the overall confidence of the PM's office.

The List of Prime Ministers of Republic of Istria

      N-SPM;(2)       DPRI (1)
Prime Minister President of the Gouvernments Cabinet Prior office Party Seat Deputy Prime Minister
Name of the function Name of the PM
1 13/07/2005



Chief of Gouvernment Andreiescu Paul Transitional Goverment   N-SPM CoD "Vacant"
2 25/07/2009



Chief of Gouvernment Balminster Howard Local Administrator   N-SPM CoD "Vacant"
3 13/07/2011



Chief of Gouvernment Loyanovsky Nate Director of Bank of Istria   N-SPM none Sorana Ioanov



Chief of Gouvernment Alonzo Arnautoiu Director of National Anti-Fraude Agency   N-SPM CoD "Vacant"
3 17/12/2016



Prime Minister Petcu Adrian Member of Parliament   DPRI Senate Andreea Calafat


Lorena Violeta


Petcu AdrianAlonzo ArnautoiuLoyanovsky NateBalminster HowardAndreiescu Paul

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