Previous incarnations of the Erephisian Technocracy

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This article states the various past incarnations of the Erephisia.

Cactus Town


Cactus Town is a former simulationist micronation based in the Southampton home of Billy Neil. It was created on Neil's 2nd birthday and was built, nearly entirely, out of LEGO. Primarily based on the Cowboy culture, Cactus Town lasted for little more the 2 weeks, before it was dismantled and turned into something else. Records of Cactus Town's existence where only rediscovered by the Erephisian in August 2011. It is up to internal debate as to whether Cactus Town constitutes a micronation due to its freefrom and simulationist nature. If it is considered a micronation, then Erephisia's age could in theory be stated as 16 years (as of 2012), but officially Erephisia is stated as being 10 years old.

Neil Island


Neil Island was a semi simulationist micronation founded in 2002 and is now considered the first form of the Technological Federation of Erephisia. It was founded by Billy Neil and had 20+ citizens. It lasted from 2002-2005, whereupon it was directly succeeded by the Republic of Orbis. Neil Island existed primarily in the neary field and sports grounds of Charlsetwon Primary School, with all of the nations citizen being students of said schoo. There was no direct governmential system, and Neil Island was vaguely defined and quite non-serious.

Republic of Orbis


The Republic of Orbis is an inactive micronation based in Manchester, UK. Orbis is the original micronational form of both the Technological Federation of Erephisia and Democratic Republic of Longarnia. The Republic of Orbis was founded on the 7th of June 2005 with Thomas Bainbridge as president and Billy Neil as prime minister. The two founded the micronation after extensivley reading about the micronations The Kingdom of Lovely and Sealand. The micronation consisted only of Bainbridge and Neil and the governmental structure consisted of Bainbridge making most of the central dsicions and Neil agreeing or disagreeing with these. The micronation lasted for a very limited period of time as Neil seceded from the nation as he thought it was poorly run and weak. Bainbridge attempted to run the nation for a short period of time afterwards but the nation failed soon after.

Kingdom of Erauqs

The Kingdom of Erauqs is a defunct micronation based in Manchester, UK. It was a precursor of the micronation the Technological Federation of Erephisia. Its only citizen was its Monarch Billy Neil. The name of Erauqs is the word 'Square' backwards, but with a pronunciation inflection so the name is prounounced 'Air-ask'. According to Neil he was originally going to call the nation 'New Orbis' but he decided that the name was stupid an changed it. The Kindom of Erauqs was founded 3 years 2 months after the disolution of The Republic of Orbis. Its founder Billy Neil based the new micronation on Orbis but with a

A secondary national flag of Erauqs that was used from the 21st of september to the 1st of October 2008

few differences, with Erauqs being a Kindom and based mainly in Neil's house in oppose to Orbis (and now Democratic Republic of Longarnia) President Thomas Bainbridge's house. Bainbridge had no involment in Erauqs. The nation was founded in mid-August 2008 in Neil's Bedroom and Living room (The city Hauptstadt and the capital city Raster respectivley). The micronation thrived in it's first two months of existence however, due to lack of external and personal interest, the nation dissolved on the 5th of October 2008. Erauqs was the first micronation founded by Billy Neil to have it's own currency, namely the Ing. The Ing came in 1 Ing, 5 Ing, 10 Ing and 100 Ing plastic chips/coins. The value of the Ing was pegged

The differing denominations of Ing

to the GBP (£). Billy Neil nominally resurrected the Kingdom on 24 April 2012, appointing Declan I, II & V the titular King of Erauqs with the regnal name of William II. Erauqs now exists near the Erephisian city of Greenline.