President of the Republic of Happy Daze

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President of Happy Daze
Standard of the President of Happy Daze.svg
Presidential standard
Cameron I
StyleMr. Daze (informal)
His Daze (formal)
AppointerLast president
Formation13 April 2019
First holderCameron I

The President of Happy Daze is the executive head of state and government of Happy Daze. Happy Daze runs under presidential system, which serves until 8 years.

Although elected every year, the responsibility of appointing the President falls under the hands of the last President. They are sworn in with the Oath:

I, [Name], do solemnly swear that the Happy Dazian people will guide me in the true way, and to best of my ability, will execute my office as President.

List of Presidents

Name Official Photo Term Start Term End Party
Cameron I CameronI-OfficialPortrait-August2019.png 13 April 2019 Present Independent