President of West Moravia

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His Excellency
President B. Braddock
1st President of the Republic of West Moravia
Assumed office:


Preceded by: Position Established
Personal information
Born: 19 October 2006 (age 11)
Macronationality: British
Micronationality West Moravian

B. Braddock is the President of the Republic of West Moravia.

Micronational career

B. Braddock started his micronational career in 2017, when he wrote the constitution for the transitional government that governed the nation before it was fully founded. He was a founding member of the country and won his first presidential election as an independent in January. He won his second election in March as a representative for the Liberal Conservative Party, which also won the legislative election.

Awards & Decorations

His Excellency Most Rev. and Rt. Hon. B. Braddock, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Duke of Bedville, Earl of Northwood, KOB (Knight of the Order of Bravery), ONS (Order of National Service) and GCOStJ (Grand Commander of the Order of St Jerome)