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The President of Princess Anne Land (informally referred to as "POPAL") was the title of the head of state during the Republic of Princess Anne Land (2013–17). The office was based on the model of Germany and considered a compromise between the French and American presidential systems.

The monarchy (which Princess Anne Land shares with the United Kingdom) was abolished in 2013 following a referendum. It was restored less than 4 years later by a second referendum.


The president had little executive powers but exercised several important reserve powers previously held by the monarch, including the ability to nominate a chief minister for Parliament's approval, the power to either approve or veto bills passed by the House of Representatives (although this power is almost never exercised except by advice of the government of the day), to convene the legislature, and to grant pardons. The officeholder was afforded the courtesy style of The Right Honourable for life.


According the Constitution, to be elected to serve as president a person had to be a Princess Anne Land citizen, and nominated by at least 2 members of the House of Representatives.


Republicanism was long a platform of the left in Princess Anne Land. However, it took until the 2011 general election for the Progressive Party to win a majority in its own right. A referendum on becoming a republic was held up on several occasions due to party disagreements over which system to adopt. Eventually, a minimalist model was adopted whereby the monarch of the United Kingdom would be replaced with a similar ceremonial, republican head of state to serve a term of two years.

A referendum on becoming a republic took place in 2013 and was narrowly approved by the electorate, albeit on a very low turnout. The first president was appointed to a two-year term on 1 July 2013. The National Party officially made it party policy to restore the monarchy should it win re-election.

The first popular presidential election in 2015 was struck down by the High Court for "procedural irregularities". A second round was later controversially postponed and the new president elected by Parliament instead of by popular election.

A second referendum on restoring the monarchy took place in 2016 and was approved by a clear majority on a high turnout. The office of "President of Princess Anne Land" was abolished on 6 February 2017 (the Sapphire Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II).

Line of succession

There was no vice-president of Princess Anne Land. Instead, in the event that the president was unable to exercise the office, the Speaker of the House of Representatives would serve as acting president until a new president could be elected.

List of Presidents

Ellen Hunt was the only person to serve as President of Princess Anne Land, being elected to two terms (the second of which was not completed due to the abolition of the office and the restoration of the monarchy).