President of Mislandistan

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President of the
Federal Republic of Mislandistan
Charles Ross

since 1 June 2021
StyleHis Excellency (formal)
Mr. President (informal)
StatusHead of state
Member ofCouncil of the Republic (Mislandistan)
ResidenceSouthern Mislandistan
NominatorCouncil Members
AppointerCouncil of the Republic (Mislandistan)
Term length2 years
Inaugural holderCharles Ross
Formation1 June 2021
SuccessionChancellor (becomes acting president)

The President of The Federal Republic of Mislandistan, also known simply as the President of Mislandistan, is the head of state of the Federal Republic of Mislandistan. The powers and responsibilities as defined by the law of the nation and is head of state. The President holds the power of giving out titles and other ceremonial powers in the nation. The President also has final say over the foreign affairs ministry and is the only ministry such power exists for the position.

The President who is also elected in a general election every two years (though never on the same date as a parliamentary election). The President is tasked with enforcing executive actions over the nation including, signing treaties of war/peace, calling for emergency elections, declaring national emergencies, awarding awards/citations, representing the nation internationally, welcoming foreign dignitaries and appointing and dismissing Mislandistani diplomats and the head of the foreign department.

Office of the President

The Office of the President refers to the literal office of the President through which they send letters and enact legislation, or to the agencies and staff under the direct authority of the President.

Only one government Ministry fall under the jurisdiction of the Office of the President: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in charge of overseeing the intermicronational policies, treaties and memberships of the nation. More roles are to come when the position is deemed so by the Council of The Republic.

List of Presidents

# Portrait Officeholder


Party Term of office

— Election(s)

Prior office Chancellor
1 His Excellency,
Charles Ross

Southern Mislandistan

Unity Front 1 June 2021 Incumbent Position Founded Archie Birch
As one of the founders of the Federal Republic of Mislandistan, Charles Ross has been at the forefront of national development and progress. He currently serves as acting president and chairman of Southern Mislandistan