President of Felinitia

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President of the Kingdom of Felinitia
Elisa Montero

since 7 may 2017
Term lengthSix months renewable
Inaugural holderSchrödinger I
Formation11 june 2016

The Government of the Kingdom of Felinitia is governed by the president of the kingdom who was elected by the Parliament of Felinitia. It chooses all the ministers and creates the governmental agencies.

# Took Office Left Office Logo Name Party Election Government
I 11 june 2016 28 july 2016 ParlamentoDeFelinitia.png Schrödinger I as king of Felinitia Vox Populi 11 june 2016 failed
II 28 july 2016 20 november 2016 Vox Populi.png Schrödinger I Vox Populi 28 july 2916 Schrödinger I (I)
III 20 november 2016 6 may 2017 Vox Populi.png PLAF RENDER.png Victoriano Ledesma (VOX) Nevil Hamed (PLAF) Vox Populi & PLAF 20 november 2016 Ledesma/Hamed (I)
IV 6 may 2017 - BESOS.jpeg Elisa Montero BESOS 6 may 2017 Montero (I)