Presidency of Qaflana

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Presidency of Qaflana
The flag of Qaflana
Alex Halbesleben

since May 12, 2019
Member ofExecutive Branch
NominatorPeople of Qaflana
AppointerPeople of Qaflana
Term length10 years
FormationMay 9, 2019
First holderWilliam S.
Final holderAlex Halbesleben
SuccessionCharles I, Tsar of Phokland
DeputyVice President of Qaflana

The Presidency of Qaflana has gone through two successions. The President is the Head of State and most powerful political leader of Qaflana. Alex Halbesleben currently holds the office.

President William S.

William S. was the first President of Qaflana. He held office for two days before resigning and giving the position to his Vice President, Alex Halbesleben. He did little in his short time in office, but is a co-founder of Qaflana. He served as the Commander of the Navy of Qaflana. He was banished for participation in the civil conflict within Qaflana.

President Alex Halbesleben

Alex Halbesleben is the current President of Qaflana. He has held the office for the longest time of any President and is the most accomplished President. He has greatly expanded the terrritory of Qaflana and has formed good friendships and allies. He took over after the resignation of William S., and has successfully led his country. He looks to continue his service.