Preservation Party of New Pugnasia

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The Preservation Party
ChairmanAndy Irons
General Secretaryvacant
SloganTo Preserve the Nation
FoundedAugust 21, 2016
Membership6 (unofficial)
IdeologyMonarchism, Conservatism
Political positionCentre-Right
Official colorsPurple
Seats in the Assembly
6 / 16
Seats in the Security Council
4 / 7

The Preservation Party or The Party for the Preservation of New Pugnasia, is the biggest political party in New Pugnasia. It was created on August 21, 2016, as a successor to the Alliance of Parties for the Restoration of Pugnasia. Since it's founding, Andy Irons has been the only chairman of the party. It currently has 6 members, but since the Family Expansion Act, the current number of members is unknown.


Once the Pugnavian Order was established, Andy Irons created a new political party alliance called the Alliance for the Restoration of Pugnasia. This alliance's goal was to reform Pugnavia into a restore Pugnasia. Since there were more alliance members on the Pugnavian Council when the Reformation vote occurred it passed. The Preservation Party was founded later that day.