Preparatory Committee for the Republic of Pejaten

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Preparatory Committee for the Republic of Pejaten
Badan Panitia Persiapan Republik Pejaten


Logo IMG 0430.PNG

"Hey Pejatenians!"
Capital cityStrada
Largest cityNew Delaware
Official language(s)Indonesian, English Dutch, Pejatenian, Stradan
Official religion(s)Christianity
- LeaderAaron Penyami
- Type - Committee
Established20 August 2018
Time zoneUTC+7
The PCRP is a governmental organization, not exactly a state

the Preparatory Committee for the Republic of Pejaten is a governmental organization that organizes for the soon Republic of Pejaten and the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Pejaten


Flag Design

the first meeting of the PCRP took place in their whatsapp chat group in 23 August 2018, so far there we’re two designs

Aaron’s Design

Blue: Skies
White: Freedom
Purple: Uniqueness

Akio’s Design

Red: Souls
White: Bravery
Yellow-Green: Creativity

the PCRP held an election for the flag design and voted for aaron’s design, however another election was held with aaron's design and the current Flag and the current flag won the election. in the same meeting, aaron penyami introduced the new coats of arms for the new republic of pejaten


on 27 August 2018, the PCRP will hold a meeting to talk about the new constitution of the republic of pejaten

Declaration of Independence

The PCRP declared independence as the republic of pejaten on 31 August 2018 and it was a success