Premier of the Union of Soviet Socialist States of Livonia

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Premier of Livonia
Peter Grier

Formation March 20, 2013 (traditional)

Term length variable

Appointed by Presidium
Supreme Soviet
Politburo of the Communist Party

Inaugural holder Peter Grier

The Premier of the USSSL is the head of government of the Union of Soviet Socialist States of Livonia.


Officially, the Premier is appointed by the Presidium. The appointee must then be approved by a simple majority of the Supreme Soviet and the Politburo of the Communist Party.

In practice the Politburo presents a candidate that it has already approved to the Chairman of the Presidium. The Chairman then presents the candidate to the Presidium. The Presidium then votes on the candidate. If the candidate is approved then the Supreme Soviet votes on the appointee. This process gives the Communist Party pracital control over the entire appointment process since it initiates the appointment.


The Premier is empowered to issue decrees that are national law. These decrees are made in the name of the Council of Ministers but are in fact entirely under the purview of the Premier.

The Premier is also given the authority to represent the USSSL in foreign nations when the Chairman of the Presidium is not present.

List of Premiers

Order No. Name Term
1 Peter Grier March 20, 2013 – Present