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}} Jack Esq. of Poplar Nerva is a representative of the Presidential Republic of Poplar Nerva, and was the nation's first Premier, as well as it's current. His title of Esquire (Esq.) comes from his status as a legal professional within the micronation.

Early Life

Jack was born in Essex, UK on the 17th September. He has never moved residences and enjoys the British country side.


Following the Emperor of Essexia's Imperial decree declaring that certain Dominions of Essexia should become independent, Premier Jack seized his chance and claimed Poplar Nerva following it's independence, on the 25th May 2019. His achievements in climbing Everest base camp in August and his outspoken foreign policy against former-overlords Essexia has made him a popular politician within the Micronation. Under his leadership, Nerva has grown in size and complexity.

Premier Jack established the Poplar Republican Party on the 1st of June 2019 to further his beliefs in Nerva as a Presidential Republic. The Party more notably has promoted the claim that the Funtime Dominion of Essexia remains an autonomous state under the tyrannical rule of the Government. The party furthers the belief that micronations shouldn't try to control rightfully independent dominions, colonies and autonomous states.

Jack lost his position as Premier following the 10th May 2020 General Election, in which Premier Benedict of Nerva and the Poplar Conservative Party won a small majority. However, he regained his title following the success of a HoC vote to remove Premier Benedict on the 2nd June 2020. Jack then declared on election for the 3rd June, which he subsequently won.

He announced his candidacy for Chair of the GUM in the Grand Unified Micronational election, December 2020 on the 7th November 2020, during a GUM summit. The unprecedented early announcements by both candidates, and subsequent early campaigning, was halted in mid november, but resumed in December. He ran under the Dean Montan 2020 ticket, with Leon Montan of Ponderosa Hills. However, towards the end of the campaign he switched to an Essexia ticket instead. Jack won the election, however Montan was not confirmed by quorum, and instead he had incumbent Vice-Chair and fellow Essexian Matthew confirmed.

Jack of Poplar Nerva
In Office
30 May 2019 - 10 May 2020 346 days
Predecessor Position created
Successor Premier Benedict of Nerva
Assumed Position
3 June 2020
Predecessor Premier Benedict of Nerva
Successor Currently holds position
Born 17 September 2002
Chelmsford, England
Citizenship British
Nationality British
Political party Poplar Republican Party
Spouse(s) None
Residence Les Paddocks, Essexia
Occupation Premier of Poplar Nerva