Premier Andrew Franson

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Premier Andrew Franson
Andrew Franson
Picture of Premier Andrew, Taken on 28/12/2020
Premier of the People's Republic of Adonia
Assumed office:
7 July 2020
Premier Andrew F.
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Partner Anthony Birch
Born 4 November 2005
Political party Workers and Peasants Party of Adonia
Religion Atheism

Premier's History


Andrew Franson was born on 4 November 2005 in Joliet, Illinois. He later moved to Makena, Illinois after his parents purchased a house on 7 November. His life began exceptionally well, not only was he in a good home but was also healthy.

Ages 2 - 6

Not much is known about Andrew during this time. There are reports that he began to walk at around 2 years old[citation needed] while the youngest reports being 11-13 months old.[citation needed] It is also reported that he had gained a huge interest in history and politics around the age of 4.[citation needed] Latest reports say 6 years old.[citation needed] He was more focused on education compared to friends so most people avoided him.

Ages 6 - 12

Not much is known about the Premier from ages 6-9. However, We do know that he was a very interesting child when he was it. He would always have an extreme short temper so anything could make him upset fast. He was reported to have no friends at all. He was bullied very often and a lot from this timeline still effects him today. It is reported that here, he was starting to become smarter and more mature than many students in his class.

At age 12, he had a notebook which had written in it multiple threats against his middle school. Such as "I am going to nuke (Social Worker Name) and (Social Worker Assistant Name)!!" as well as other worse threats. He had a visit from the Police Department of Mokena to figure these threats out as well as to figure out if our Premier had a gun. He was told by a officer that he should be mentally evaluated immediately in which Andrew and his mother obliged. They went to Silver Cross Hospital, where he was evaluated. This is where he found out he would go to Hartgrove Behavioral Health System, A mental hospital located in Cicero, Chicago. He would be diagnosed with an anger disorder. Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED), a type of Impulse Control Disorder.

This trip would ultimately change how he acted and how he was as a person. It would also effect his social life.

Ages 13 - 15

During this time, He started Special Education and had its services until 29 May 2020. He had started to really educate himself in Politics, History and Geography. He first started the ISSR on 14 September 2019. This was also around the time where bullying of the Premier got really bad. Especially due to his Mental Disorder Diagnosis. He has been dealing with Bullying due to him having Adonia, enjoying Politics, singing in other languages as well as Rumors. Most friends he has are on the Discord App and in the Micronational Community as he can't make friends in Person. He, however does get along with Adults better than people his own age. He continues to lead Adonia, even through the thickest trouble.

Significance in Adonia

He is the first Premier of Adonia, founder of it and one of its best Premier's by far. He has developed Adonia and made it into what it is today as well as what it is known for. He created Kolkatism, the state ideology of Adonia. He has opened many opportunities for Adonia and her people. He purchased an Adonian ID, T-shirt, Passport, created a constitution for Adonia (with the help of the President of Dolusia), He has created Adonian culture, taken Adonia through its worst and its best by far. He is known in Adonia as one of its Founding Members as well as one of the best.

Positions Held

  • Premier of the PRA, 7 July 2020 - Present
  • General Secretary of the WPPA, Unknown Takeover - Present
  • Premier of the ISSR, 14 September 2019 - 18 March 2020


Adonian Star of Kolkatism - Recipient

Reason: Automatically Received as Adonian Premier

Order of the Hoffmann - Samuel Honor

Reason: "A Sign of many thanks and recognition that the Misberian People hold you (Premier Andrew Franson) in high regard. Thank you for a wonderful ally, great friend and someone whom our younger citizens may look to and see a friend who is their age who exemplifies what it means to be a younger micronationalist" (From Official Letter Awarding Premier Andrew Franson this honor)

Bobwhite Medal of Leadership - Recipient

Reason: "Andrew's work in Adonia, Misberia and in his work in the community." and "Thank you (Premier Andrew Franson) for your hard work and great leadership."

Voldian Medal of Freedom

Reason: "This medal is awarded to you (Premier Andrew Franson) for your work in the community, your work in Adonia, and assisting Voldenstianians"


“Acceptance of criticism is a huge part of the leadership process and even, the democratic process. Whether your nation is democratic or not.

You need feedback from people. No matter who you are“ -11/19/2020

”Human Rights in the Modern World are sadly questioned by many” -11/02/2020

“Adonia is a micronation that I want people to look to as their ally. In fact, Adonia has accomplished this already.” -10/17/2020

“Turning a Blind Eye to the public is the worst thing you could do as a leader of a nation.” -8/29/2020

“Ignoring your friends, if you do it, you shouldn’t expect their support if you didn’t listen at all” -10/31/2020

“Micronationalism is a hobby for people who take their hobby serious.