Praesent Legislature

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Praely Parlamentaria

This branch of the Government is Responsible for the writing of new Laws and Bills.

House of Representitives

This is made up of the "Faces" of the Legislature branch all new bills must go through this section before going to the Primary Senate. This has two registered Political Factions/Party's The Praesentium Imperial Communist Party and The Praesentium Technocratic Socialist Party.

Primary Senate

This Level of the Legislature Branch is made up by the Praesent Red Party and Praesent Green Party. Here is the second step of any bills journey to being official law within The Holy Disillusionist Empire of The Praesent House Imperial Technocratic Socialist Republic. Once it has been reviewed here they have the right to send it back to the House of Representatives to be rewritten or refined or to allow it on its way to the Secondry Senate.

Secondry Senate

Here there are two political party's as well Praesent Technocractic Party and Praesent National Socialist Party. As with the Primary Senate there job is to refine the law before it comes into the Executive Branch to be signed into law they can send it all the way back to the House of Representatives if not approved.