Potato Salad Legislation

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Potato Salad Legislation or Potato Salad Politics is a term used in Ceticilian politics to refer to policies of little use or relevance. The term was popularized after Álvaro Barredo discovered a 2016 proposal by Jørgen Natt proposing a ban on potato salad in the Ceticilian Parliament's cafeteria as a joke. Such cafeteria, however, does not exist, nor has potato salad ever been recorded to be served in Ceticilian facilities. In August 2017, as a reaction to constant accusations of potato salad legislation, Mia Torres wrote a new proposal to ban potato salad from the non-existent cafeteria ("Potato Salad Act"). Torres' proposal has often been incorrectly attributed to as the source of the popularization of the phrase "Potato Salad Politics."

Pieces of legislation that have been called "potato salad politics":

  • Article in the Ceticilian constitution defining the "dove of peace" as the national animal of Ceticilia - by Álvaro Barredo, 2018-06-29
  • Proposal for nationalising the Ceticilian Republic Forum - by Jordan Lord, 2019-02-10