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Flag of the Federal Republic of Whestcorea
Whestcorean Coat of Arms
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The Federal Republic of Whestcorea is a federal republic of five states and a capital district. It resides in the south of the United Kingdom, from which it declared secession in September of 2015. Whestcorea has four land borders, one with Austenasia, one with St.Charlie, and one with the Dale Republic, bordering the UK in all other directions. Each state constitutionally and nominally has a high level of local autonomy according to the system of federalism, but in practice the Federal Government is responsible for most day-to-day legislation. Whestcorea traces its national origin to the Universal Triumvirate, which originally provided the country's inspiration.
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HM Government.png
The God Warrior's Federal Government
Unified Legislature Supreme Court Executive Branch
Senate Congress Justices Executive Office of the Mememaster-Generalate
2016-06-07-22-20-18-559892-6293753063787481592.png WhestcoreanCongress2.png Whestcorean Supreme Court.png Party party logo.png
Party (and Leader) Logo Seats Party (and Leader) Logo Seats Staff Executive Officers
Party Party
Leader: James Frisch
Governing Party
Party party logo.png
5 / 13
Party Party
Leader: Horatio Eden
Most Loyal Opposition
Party party logo.png
2 / 5
Chief Justice
"The Chief Justice" (P)
Mememaster-General of the Federal Republic of Whestcorea
Not a Party
Leader: Ian Nolon
Most Loyal Opposition
3 / 13
Governing group
Effective leader: A-Rho
3 / 5
Associate Justices
Not published
Senatorial Mememaster-General of the Federal Republic of Whestcorea
James Frisch
Bachelors Party
Leader: Peter Palaiologos</small
Opposition affiliated
2 / 13
Clerk of the Supreme Court
Vice Mememaster-General of the Federal Republic of Whestcorea
Shinmen no Genshin
Independent Noflag.png
3 / 13

The Whestcorean Unified Legislature is made up of the above two branches, the Congress and the Sen8. Combined with the Judicial Branch and the Executive Branch, this whole system makes up the Federal Government of Whestcorea. Legislation-wise, while the Sen8 may propose legislation, it requires Congressional approval in most cases for their suggestions to become law, while the same is not true in the other direction.

In the news


The Sen8 of Whestcorea, chaired by Speaker and Senatorial Mememaster-General, James Frisch, announced that it would be using a system of musical chairs to determine who will fill the nine seats in its legislative body next election time...
Horatio Eden’s civil case against Dallin Langford continues...
A deal being struck between DRCC General Secretary Dallin Langford and Whestcorean Mememaster-General Horatio Eden related to a legal dispute between the two may be in jeopardy, if sources within Mr. Eden’s inner circle are any indication...
Dallin Langford may be sued by Horatio Eden for unfair revocation of citizenship, themicronational understands...
Following the establishment of the National Bank of Loquntia, Whestcorea’s Finance Mememaster has announced that the Federal Republic will be following suit...
A resolution to rescind Whestcorea’s membership of the United Micronations and repeal the treaty between themselves and Hashima is currently on the floor of the Whestcorean Congress...
Belia and Whestcorea may be on the cusp of resolving something of a feud between the two nations...
The Congressional branch of the Whestcorean Congress today passed the Federal Crimes Act into law, which will finally allow courts within the country to hear federal cases, the Whestcorean legislative archive has confirmed...

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