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The Republic of Wendatia is a micronation located in the Thumb area of Michigan. It controls 3 spots of the region, which consist of the capital (de facto), a house on the salt river, known as Port St. Clair, and an empty lot called "Pradera" It was declared on 29 July 2020. It has 3 states, and a population of 5 (Not counting honorary citizens). The nation claims it's goals to be spreading human rights and democracy around the world and is run by President Jonas Rhymer...
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Pantanal, officially the State of Pantanal, is a State of the Republic of Wendatia.

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The flag of Wendatia was adopted after the president Jonas Rhymer was seeking a replacement for the current flag. He randomly created 4 designs, adopting the 3rd one as the national flag and ensign...

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