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Pinang, officially the Commonwealth of Pinang (Italian: Commonwealth di Pinang), is a landlocked micronation located in Southern Europe with a population of 9 inhabitants and Estosadok-Costituzione as capital. It completely borders with Italy. More informations...

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The Mayor of Bazhong Government was the first cabinet of Pinang and the only one during the First Republic. It was formed on 19 April 2018 and was dissolved on 11 June 2018 with the annexation of the First Republic of Pinang.

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Flag.Pinang 1.png Current flag of Pinang.

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The Triumvirate of Pinang (Italian: Triumvirato di Pinang) was the most important institution in the Second Republic of Pinang during the Second Constitution. The Triumvirate had Legislative and Executive Power. The Triumvirate was formed on 2 February 2020. The members of Triumvirate were the former President Esty as Stratega, the former Archduke as Chancellor and the mayor of Bazhong as Secretary of State.

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