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Flag Coat of Arms
Location of the Norfolk Empire

The Norfolk Empire (/ˈnorfolk ‘empire/ ˈnɔrfək ˈɛmpaɪər) is a micronation that was founded on 25 June 2019 by the current Royal Family, which consists of HIM Emperor Jason Norfolk I, on land in the American states of Florida and North Carolina. They declared independence from the United States of America to attempt a realistic nation and to continue the Aztec Empire, which it considers itself to be the successor of.

The Norfolk Empire is located near Hillsborough County, Florida near Tampa Bay. The Norfolk Empire is a Semi-parliamentary monarchy with HIM Emperor Jason Norfolk I as the head of state and the Emperor. The population of the Norfolk Empire is currently only seven and the capital and largest city, by population and land area, is New Tenochtitlan. The Norfolk Empire has three official languages English, Esperanto, and Spanish along with an unofficial language, Nahuatl, which is used on some signs and government logos.

The Norfolk Empire currently has four subdivisions, three Duchies and one District. The largest of the subdivisions, by population, is tied between the District of New Tenochtitlan and the Duchy of Seekeria with a population of three and the largest of the subdivisions, by size, is also the Duchy of Seekeria. The smallest is the Duchy of Bitty Ridge with a population of two.

Selected picture

Flag of the Duchy of Dellfolk.

The official flag of the Duchy of Dellfolk, the least populated subdivision of the Norfolk Empire.

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Duchy of Dellfolk
The Duchy of Dellfolk (/ˈdutchy of dellfolk/ ˈdʌʧi ʌv dɛlfoʊk) is the largest and oldest subdivision of the Norfolk Empire. It is surrounded by the American State of Florida.The Duchy of Dellfolk is close to Hillsborough County, Florida near Tampa Bay. The Duchy of Dellfolk is a Semi-parliamentary monarchy, under the Norfolk Empire...

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