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MicroCon is a convention of micronationalist government representatives, held biennially in odd years since 2015. MicroCon was created by the government of Molossia as a venue for delegates of micronations around the world "to share their ideas, dreams and worlds with each other." The first MicroCon was hosted by the Republic of Molossia. It took place on 11 April 2015 at the Anaheim Central Library, Anaheim, California.

Among the attendees were King Christopher of Vikesland, Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica, Queen Carolyn of Ladonia and President Kevin Baugh of Molossia. The Kingdom of Shiloh sent a large delegation.

Other attendees included Vladimir Valentinovich Veselovsky of the Provisional Territories of the Free Autocratic Republic of Totalitarianism, who was criticized for his approach to micronationalism.