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A micronational summit (also micronational convention or micro summit) is a formal gathering of micronationalists. These summits provide a place for micronationalists to meet, exchange ideas, sign treaties, and engage in other diplomatic relations. The majority of summits were held in Europe and North America. The largest micronational convention is MicroCon, which has been hosted biennially in odd years since 2015.

Attendance at micronational summits has been growing, with the number of summits, total attendance of all summits and maximum size of a single summit all growing over the period 2011–present.

Most micronationalists who attend summits sign treaties with other micronations. Other common activities include various discussions and presentations. Each MicroCon allows a presentation secession, where various micronationalists hold presentations on various aspects of micronationalism. Other times when a summit is hosted by an intermicronational organisation, the member states of that organisation may have discussions relating to it's business, such as the Grand Unified Micronational which had a in-person Quorum meeting. Some other activities may also include going out to eat at a local restaurant or a pub.

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This is a history of micronational summits which have taken place over the years. Attendance at micronational summits has been growing, with the number of summits, total attendance of all summits and maximum size of a single summit all growing over the period 2011–present. In total, 4 summits were held in the United Kingdom, 3 in France and 3 on the African continent, 3 in the United States, and 1 in Finland, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Canada and the Czech Republic.



In August 2003, a summit of micronations took place in Helsinki at Finlandia Hall, the site of the Conference for Security and Co-operation in Europe (CSCE). The summit was attended by delegations of the Principality of Sealand, the Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland, NSK-State in Time, Ladonia, the Transnational Republic, the State of Sabotage and by scholars from various academic institutions.[1]

The African Micronational Summit was an annual summit between micronationalists in the African sector, primarily consisting of micronations in Southern Africa. The 2005 African Micronational Summit took place in South Africa on 9 October, and was hosted by Sigland. It had 9 attendees from 5 micronations. The 2006 African Micronational Summit took place in Ünie on 11 September, which was also the host of the event. It had 16 attendees from 7 micronations. The final summit took place between 2–3 July 2007, and was hosted by Adronia. It had 28 attendees, and held the record for the most attended micronational summit until the record was beaten by PoliNation in 2012.

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The Grand Unified Micronational, commonly abbrieviated as the GUM, is an intermicronational organisation with the aim of helping diplomatic relations between micronations, with a general focus on its own member states. Based around the MicroWiki Community and founded in January 2009, the GUM held an almost hegemonic sway over the community (especially under Robert Lethler's terms as Chairman) from the summer of 2009 until it declined in the summer of 2010.

After the departure of Robert Lethler on 30 July 2010, the organisation was hit by inactivity and controversy. Acting Chair James von Puchow's attempts to revitalise the GUM were unsucessful, as were negotiations for a merger with the Organisation of Active Micronations, which rejected every proposal offered. Von Puchow declared the GUM dissolved on 20 September 2010, and although for several months this was not widely protested, in August 2011 the GUM was brought back to activity after it was discovered that von Puchow's term had expired by the time of the "dissolution" and so the GUM had de jure never been disestablished. The GUM returned to prominence and influence within the community over 2012 guided by the "Troika" of Jacob Tierney, Crown Prince Jonathan and Will Sörgel. However, a leadership scandal at the start of 2013 led to a prolonged period of decrease in influence and activity; in 2014, the Grand Unified Micronational adopted a new fundamental legislative document, the Charter, authored by Chairman Ciprian of Juclandia, which gave the organisation a new structure and an improved legislative base. However, inactivity once again gradually set in and following a round of failed elections in March 2015, the GUM was dissolved as an intergovernmental organisation on 14 June 2015, living on as a formal discussion group via one of its organs, the GUM Lounge. The organisation was refounded as such by the members of the Lounge the following year, with the adoption of a new charter on 4 June 2016.

Molossia, officially the Republic of Molossia, is a North American micronation landlocked within the city of Dayton, Nevada, and with an enclave in San Bernardino County, Southern California. As one of the oldest fundamental micronations, it succeeded the Grand Republic of Vuldstein, founded by James Spielman and Kevin Baugh, now serving as its current leader since the transition from a monarchy to a republic in September 1999.

Vuldstein, founded in May 1977 and located in Portland, Oregon, was active for a short period which lasted until the end of the year, when King James moved to another city without renouncing to his throne, leading the Grand Republic to a state of inactivity. Baugh took control of the nation for the following 21 years, undergoing different transitions to several nomadic kingdoms, then a People's Democratic Republic in 1998 until its present state.

Molossia refers to itself as a "sovereign state" since 1977 and has been in a state of war with East Germany since 1983. Appearing on the "Lonely Planet Guide to Home-Made Nations", Molossia is known outside micronationalism for the movie Kickassia, produced by That Guy with the Glasses, and receives more than 50 visitors each year.

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