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Indokistan Portal
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Flag of Indokistan

The Republic of Indokistan (Bahasa Indonesia: Republik Indokistan), formerly the Republic of Indostan, is an Indonesian micronation founded on September 16, 2010 by Farhan Abdurrahman, Dicky L.K, and Nabil Ihsan. Indokistan is a current member of the Organisation of Active Micronations and Association of Indonesian Micronations.

Indokistan is a unitary and parliamentary state, that lead by the President Dicky L.K and Prime Minister Nabil Ihsan. Indokistan is located in East Jakarta, Indonesia and claims few area in fictional planet of Micras. According to the Boodlesmythe-Tallini system, Indokistan is categorized as 5th world, and according to the Dresner system, Indokistan is scores 3,4. Read more...

Selected Article

Flag of Indokistan (Bahasa Indonesia: Bendera Indokistan) was an official flag of Indokistan, that for the first time drew in Independence day, September 16th 2010 by Nabil Ihsan.

Flag of Indokistan are already changes it's design for 2 times, the communist flag are made for removing the independence flag, and as the part of establishment of Socialist Republic of Indokistan. And the communist flag are changed by the new flag, that currently used in January 2011, when the communist government being overthrowned by the revolutionaries and the contra-communist people.

There are no official name from this flag, especially because the people of Indokistan itself just recognize the name, or just saying "Bendera" (English: Flag) in informal and formal conversation. There are also other name of the flag, Bebek Emas (English: Golden Duck) but less used, and unaccepted by the majority of Indokistani, because the symbol "Duck" in the flag was have dark green color, not gold.

The current flag of Indokistan has experiences several proposal to change the design of the flag. The first design was proposed by Dicky L.K, his proposal to change the flag to triangular shape, instead of rectangular, and this proposal was rejected by the Parliament in February 2011. The Parliament was reject this proposal because there's too much flag changing in just 3 months, and the design wasn't realy good. The second one was proposed by Farhan Abdurrahman, to eliminate the bending in the duck symbol, and just the triangular shape that formed, this idea are rejected again by Dicky L.K in September 2011, because the triangular design already too familiar and too much used by other nation, what he said.

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The Indokistan - Ntolian War that occured between April-May 2011 was one of the worst moment in Indokistan, and the war starts with this letter.

In this letter, the Ntolian wrote, This is Ntolian, give us your pro[c]lamation or Indokistan will be destroyed! and a signature from it's writer. This letter was found in the Nabil Ihsan's book, that wrote in the end page of his book.

Another vandals that did by the Ntolian also occured and founded in another Indokistani books, such as Farhan Abdurrahman at that time. This letter was made as their threat to Indokistan, to give the original text of proclamation, that failed to stole in previous day.

What's in the news?

Today is Saturday 28 of May, 2022.

  • December 16: Intelligence Agency of Indokistan, INTELIN established
  • November 17: The draft of Indokistan's constitution finally approved by the Parliament after 15 peoples signed the Constitution petition
  • November 16: The New KistanRupiah are official and legal as the currency of Indokistan
  • November 12: This portal was finished!
  • November 11: The draft of Indokistan's constitution finally released to the public and being checked and examined for approvement.

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