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The Baustralian Armed Forces (BAF; French: Forces armées baustraliennes, FAB), or Baustralian Forces (BF) (French: Forces baustraliennes, FB), are the unified armed forces of Baustralia.

This institution comprises of sea, land, air, elements referred as His Royal Navy (HRN), His Royal Army (HRA), and His Royal Air Force (HRAF), respectively. Personnel may belong to the Reserve force or the Regular force. A Space Force also exists but is not yet adopted by the BAF as it is personless.

The titular head of the BAF is the Commander-in-Chief, His Majesty Admiral of the Fleet John I. The professional head of the Baustralian Armed Forces is the Chief of the Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Caleb Arthur. Each branch has its own Chief of Staff, the First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral John Timpson, the Chief of the General Staff, General Geoff Audas, and the Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Julian Kostuik.