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Port-Aux-Francais is currently the only habited place in the Kerguelen Archipelago, with 46 year round residents, although it could potentially have up to 70,000 inhabitants. Port-Aux-Francais is home to a satellite tracking station, a small seaport and many scientific laboratories. Port-Aux-Francais is also home to a new marigraph station (tide gauge station), with 2 tidal gauges and a radar to observe the sea level.

What Port-Aux-Francais looks like now.

Planned Activities

The Socialist Republic of The Kerguelen Archipelago hopes to have Port-Aux-Francais at 5,000 residents by the year 2020. Planned buildings in Port-Aux-Francais include (date of hoped finishing): A maritime museum (2024), a hospital (2020), a police station (2021), at least one volunteer fire station (2024), a small jail (2024) and a small airfield (2018). If the city does reach 70,000 inhabitants, a small subway system will be installed. The Kerguelen Archipelago would like to model their infrastructure like cities in Scandanavia, an example being Malmkoping's infrastructure.