Popular Front of Unity

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Popular Front of Unity
CommanderThomas Jacobs
Founded20 July 2022
Dissolved25 July 2022
Headquarters Greater Roscam
Membership (2022)24
IdeologyIdeologies of constituent parties
Political positionRight wing to far right
ReligionRoman Catholicism
International affiliationUnited Galway Movement
SloganStrength in Unity, weakness in Diversity!
AnthemGod save Ireland
8 / 9
Chamber of Representatives
11 / 16
Provincial Governors
9 / 11

Electoral alliance of Republican Bloc, National Party, Christian Solidarity, Iron Guard, and Sheetfuckery Party

The Popular Front of Unity was an electoral alliance founded by Thomas Jacobs to unite the right wing parties in Roscamistan under one banner and after the attempted coup by Marco Hasse. The alliance is led by Jacobs, titled Commander. The front was broken up for being a monopoly.