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The Pommterr Farm was a former micronation and a member of the Larson Federation. It was originally formed in 1897 by German-Canadians who immigrated to Northwest Idaho. Pommterr comes from the Latin word for potato, Pomme de terre


In 1897, a German-Canadian couple migrated to Northwest Idaho and founded Pommterr Farm. It farmed mainly potatos. In 1989, George Honel formed the Nation of Pommterr. George's son, John, succeeded control of the nation after he died in 2002. On December 30, 2016, Pommterr officially joined the Federation. Pommterr Farm is Larsonia's agriculture center.


Pommterr Farm is governed by John Honel and has one Representative Senator. Pommterr is home to the Potato Party. John Honel is a member of Potato Party


You can see Pommterr's flag here Media:Flag of Pommterr Farm (2016-2017).png