Politics in Kirkland

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The Most Glorious and Holy Empire of Kirkland is a Constitutional Aristocratic Monarchy in which the Emperor has almost universal executive authority, the Parliament has the power to make binding acts of law, and Nobility are the only group that has the right to vote.

Political Culture

Politics in Kirkland can be best described as passive. Most citizens do not have the right to vote and as such have little desire in the goings on of the politics of the Kingdom. Voting rights in Kirkland are restricted to those who hold a title given by the Emperor in a system known as Aristocratic Parliamentarianism. However, most in the Empire abide by the divine right of the Emperor and as such do not question his political judgment.

There are a few basic tenants of Kirkish political culture:

  • Divine Right of the Emperor - The Emperor holds his position by the grace of God and as such cannot be usurped by political dissidents.
  • Rule of the Majority - The majority in Parliament may form any policy so long as it does not blatantly defy the Constitution
  • Executive control of the Legislature - The Executive branch (ie the Emperor and the Privy Council) has a right and a responsibility to govern and may do so by calling on the majority party to pass any needed legislation.
  • Power of the Aristocracy - The Aristocracy being the only source of power in Kirkland besides the Emperor has full authority to make any necessary adjustments in policy.
  • Opposition to corruption

Political parties

There is currently only two political parties in Kirkland, one is the Radical Conservative Party. It is a party that adheres to a modern conservative ideology.

Another party, the Liberal Party, is also active in the nation. It is a party in line with ideas of classical liberalism. It is a party that seeks to end any and all government involvement in the actions of industry and individuals. It's motto is "Free Trade, Free Industry, Free People!"

A third party is the Labour Party. It is a democratic socialist party. It's stated goal is to equalize the people of Kirkland both "socially and economically".