Political parties of Yunivers

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The Decracy of Yunivers established political parties with the 2013 Reform of Local Authorities. Political parties are limited to the elections for the Local Councils (Provinces and Feuds), and then, as a result, for the Chamber of Representatives in the Parliament of Yunivers. The local councils are composed of 7 members: 5 are from the parties (3 from first party, 2 from second party), 1 is the elected Captain Regent (leader of the party's list) and 1 is the Lord of the territory. Then, local councils, appoint 3 representatives in the parliament: 2 from the majority and 1 from the minority.

List of Parties

Party Name Logo Members English name Leader Foundation Date Position Colours Seats
Local councils Chamber of Representatives
Feudalesimo e Libertà Feudalesimo e libertà.jpg 6 Feudalism and Liberty Nils Tedeschi October 2013 right red
10 / 30
6 / 15
Fronte Verde Fronte-verde.jpg 3 Green Front Alessia Garazzini October 2013 center green
4 / 30
2 / 15
La Margherita Margherita.jpg 5 The Daisy Chiara De Biasio October 2013 left yellow
11 / 30
7 / 15
N/A Independent N/A N/A N/A grey
0 / 30
0 / 15