Political parties in Andany

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Political parties in the Principality of Andany are voluntary associations which have been formed by some politicians to help promote their collective viewpoints within Andanian politics.

On 10 November 2017, Prince Pablo "Lyon" of Andany gave Imperial Consent to the Political Parties Act 2017. This permitted the creation of officially recognised political parties, which had to be registered with and approved by the Secretary-General. On the same day (10 November 2017), the Athenian Imperial Party (AIP) was founded, followed by the Roman Imperial Party (RIP) on 12 November 2017.

Since November 2017, the following has been the Andanian government's position towards political parties:

The formation of political parties as voluntary associations shall still be permitted so long as they comply with the law, but no formal governmental recognition or registration shall be respectively granted or required.

— Prince Pablo "Lyon" Macias of the Principality of Andany (10 November 2017)

Current parties