Political Parties of Rikuchar

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Political Parties of Rikuchar

Jønse Güjenav Gü're sü Riküçàr
SpokesmanNetwafekzră I (de facto)
FoundedMay 19th 2015

The Freedom Left Party of Rikuchar is a Political party in Rikuchar. It was Established on May 19, 2015 by Netwafekzră I. It believes in mid to far leftist ideals.


Political Parties of Rikuchar

Pesabküfeznav Ølzoçïnav Gü're sü Riküçàr

The Conservative Republican Party of Rikuchar is a planned Right-leaning conservative party. It will believe in conservative ideals and be opposite the Freedom Left Party of Rikuchar. Originally, the Conservative Republican Party was to be the national centrist party, but was changed to be a conservative only party with the establishment of the Centrist Party of Rikuchar on May 27, 2015.


Political Parties of Rikuchar

Pwebenav Gü're sü Riküçàr
SpokesmanTaprüĵnatïk Ohamzolÿ
FoundedMay 27th 2015

The Centrist Party of Rikuchar is a Left-leaning Centrist party. It believes in centrist ideals and replaced the Conservative Republican Party of Rikuchar as the national centrist party on May 27, 2015.