Political Events of Damariscotta

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Political Events of Damariscotta
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Events Salmon Friday

Bass Thursday

The Political Events of Damariscotta are defined as nation defining and altering to the citizenry and national institutions. These events are named after different kinds of fish found in New England and in the other regions where Damariscotta can be found. To date there has been two events which altered the population count significantly and caused emergency elections.

Salmon Friday

Salmon Friday occurred on the second of April 2021 causing the regions of Marseille, Halifax and the neighborhood of North Napoli to leave the nation following what was described as "a lack of Misberian projects and loss of national identity". The departure of many people and the heads of many committees caused a upset amongst the active House of Lygonia members and elections were called for the eighth of April.


Following Salmon Friday, elections were called with every position up for election including Ĉefministro and Una Ministro, elections were held on the eighth of April with Archie Birch staying as Cefministro and Jamie Birch being reelected. The towns of Machias and Lubeck were merged following a referendum on the eighth during elections with the new town being called the German-Wabanaki Confederation, with similar referendums on the ballots on Napoli and The Theocracy of Trickey with the referendums failing there. The outer regions of the nation were renamed after the referendum to be under a naming system following old towns of Denmark dissolved in 2007, with the only exception being Halifax being renamed to Beechville and being placed under the control of the West Ry Company as a ceremonial claim, representing the birthplace of the original nation of Mistak.

Bass Thursday

Bass Thursday occurred on the twenty second of April 2021 causing the regions of Trickey and most of Napoli to leave the nation following a fight with the Una Ministro Jamie Birch. This event is still ongoing.