Pine Republic

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Pine Republic
Flag of the Confederate States of America (1861-1863).svg.png

God is Our Shield, and Our Vindicator
"Dixie's Land" by Daniel Decatur Emmett
Capital cityJackson
Largest cityJackson
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)No official religion/ Freedom of Religion
DemonymPine Republican
GovernmentRepublican Confederacy
- PresidentDavid Shannon
- Type - Unicameral
- Last election - 4 Novemeber 2014
Established4 Novemeber 2014
Area claimedapprox. 20 acres
CurrencyU.S. dollar
Time zoneEastern Standard Time(EST)
National animalRed tailed Hawks

Government Website

The Pine Republic, officially written as The Pine Republic, is a micronation founded on November 4, 2014. Its government is described as a 'Republican Confederacy', and has around 14 citizens. The country is made up of two States: Jackson and Hawthorne. There is also one territory known as Cleburne, and an Ocean Preserve in the North Atlantic Ocean called the CSS Shenandoah Ocean Preserve.


The Land

The history of the land that the Pine Republic sits on in North Georgia started with the Cherokee Indians. The Cherokee culture influenced the land that the Pine Republic sits on until their forced removal in the early 19th Century. After that turbulent time, settlers from further east began to forge homesteads in the now barren land. The way of life was untouched for nearly thirty years when, in 1861, Georgia seceded from the United States of America in what would become the bloodiest war in American history to that time. After the War decimated Southern lands, reconstruction came about, making the Old South revolutionize, and slowly go from an agricultural economy to an industrial one. However, the land that The Pine Republic Sits on has not changed much since The War Between the States.

The Founding of a New Nation

In 2014, President Shannon formed a new micronation. The Constitution was primitive, and the early starting period was turbulent. The Sovereign Republic Territories of America was founded, with two territories in total. But the going was tough, and disorganization was abound. Therefore, it became necessary for the nation to be more organized, and further united. The United Republic Territories of America was formed later in 2015, although the exact date is unknown or forgotten. Despite a new constitution, the disorganization and lack of general control that the Federal Government had required them to once again strengthen. Almost a year after their independence, the United Republic Territories of America became what it is today, The Pine Republic.

The Pine Republic

Once the Pine Republic was in its current state, major changes were made. A new website for the Federal Government was created, a small media outlet known simply as "The News" was created, and several territories were subtracted and returned to the United States of America. This left only three territories, who were instantly granted statehood. Jackson, the Capitol of the Pine Republic, Hawthorne, and Cleburne. This remained the same for nearly six months, when, on July 1, 2016, the State of Cleburne was reevaluated, and was downgraded to a territory by the President due to a lack of a population there. Also, in the month of July, the Pine Republic took to the internet with a new Facebook page, and reaching out to other micronations.



The Pine Republic sits in North Georgia, which is situated in a portion of the North American Continent that is known as the Humid Subtropical Zone. The region is known for its mild winters and hot, humid summers. Most precipitation falls in the Spring and Summer months, when cold fronts and warm fronts make their way through the area. Yearly rainfall totals average somewhere near 60 inches in total. Although rare and minimal, the Pine Republic experiences some snowfall in the winter months, although it rarely exceeds more than 6 inches annually. In the rainy months of the year, Tornadoes can tear through the Pine Republic's region, although rarely exceeding EF-0 to EF-1 strength.


The Pine Republic generally has rolling hills, small valleys, and dense forests. The State of Hawthorne, for example, as well as the Territory of Cleburne, are known for dense forests with small trails. The State of Jackson is mostly grass, only encompassing two acres. However, there are extremely dense forests and brush along its western border. There are two streams in the Pine Republic. In Cleburne, Watkins Creek, and an unnamed tributary running through the State of Hawthorne. Fauna include White Tail Deer, Cottontail Rabbits, the Eastern Grey Squirrel, Copperhead Snakes, Garter Snakes, Rat Snakes, and countless species of insects, birds, and amphibians. The most common type of Flora is the Loblolly Pine Trees, for which the nation bears its name. You can also find Oaks, Holly Trees, Maple Trees, and Hickory Trees.



The Pine Republic is best described as a Republican Confederacy. Each State is independent in most of their decision making, capable of self autonomy, and usually doesn't experience much Federal Intervention. All States in the Pine Republic have one representative, who also acts as a Governor due to the small population of the nation. All representatives belong to one "House", which acts as a board along with the President to make decisions. The power is vested in the people, who can elect their representatives and boot them out through referendums.

The election process is unlike many others in the world. A president is capable of a life term, with no scheduled elections. However, if the citizens wish to change their president, they make call for a referendum. In order for there to be a referendum, two thirds of the representatives must bring a referendum order before the president. After that point, the standing President has two years to either run for office again, or be removed from office. A president cannot run again for office if they have been serving for more than 8 years.


Currently, the Pine Republic consists of four agencies: The War Department, a Weather Bureau, the Department of Foreign Affairs, and a Nature Protection Agency.

War Department

The War Department of the Pine Republic is comprised of two separate agencies, led and run by the President of the Pine Republic. The Department of Defense is in charge of foreign military activities, including but not limited to operations overseas or beyond our borders, foreign aid, and disaster relief outside of our nation. The National Security Agency is in charge of collecting, organising, and using information gained for the protection of our borders, as well as protecting everything within the borders of The Pine Republic.

Department of Foreign Affairs

The Department of Foreign Affairs is a broad department that covers everything from diplomatic relations to citizenship. The DFA is responsible for Diplomatic Relations with other nations, including peace talks, out of the country mission operations or charity events, passports and border crossings, and citizenship.

Weather Bureau

The Weather Bureau is the first government agency created. It monitors Weather Conditions inside and around the Pine Republic. They can issue Tornado, Severe Thunderstorm, Flood, Drought, Heat, Cold, and other watches, warnings, and advisories to the nation.

Nature Protection Agency

The Nature Protection Agency is designed to protect and preserve natural spaces, nature preserves, and recommend hunting, fishing, and zoning information to its citizens.


The military of the Pine Republic is run beneath the War Department, but is split into two sections: Internal Affairs, dealt with by the National Security Agency, and Foreign Affairs, dealt with by the Department of Defense. Military spending is only a fraction of the economic policies imposed by the Federal Government, however, the military is rather strong for an average micronation. Each State is in control of it's own militia, and each State has the right to defend itself, inside its borders and out.


The Pine Republic is a capitalist economy, with relatively few government regulations for businesses.



The culture of the Pine Republic is an interesting mix of traditional Southern Culture, and the influence of Urban Sprawl. Much of the Pine Republic's influence comes from it's history in Georgia. Symbols from the Confederate States of America can often be found; The National Flag, as well as all State and Territorial flags, are historical flags from the War Between the States. Much of the military tradition, song, language, dialect, food, and even the economy, is based on traditional Southern Influence.


The music most commonly listened to in the Pine Republic is Country, followed closely behind by Pop, Bluegrass, and Rock. Traditional songs, orchestral songs, and film score music is also prevalent, especially in the State of Jackson. Irish music is popular with President Shannon.


The Pine Republic has a presence on the Internet, with it's main website, as well as a facebook page. A news outlet, run by the President and some other fellow citizens, was established in 2016, known as the Pine Republic Times. It has a monthly newsletter, as well as special articles or breaking news. There have been talks of the Pine Republic establishing a radio outlet online as well.

Language, Religion, and Social Construct

The official language of the Pine Republic is English, with all Federal documents written in English. Despite the predominantly English population, a small portion of the population speaks Spanish.

The Pine Republic does not have an official religion, however, Christianity is practiced by almost 95% of the citizens to any extent. The only other religion in the Pine Republic is general spirituality, or no religion at all.

The Pine Republic's Federal Government promotes "Freedom, Equality, and Liberty to all of its citizens," and guarantees these rights to all people regardless of race, religion, sexuality, gender, or other features that are unique to one's identity.

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