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Federal Republic of Phinbella
Repablik Persekutuan Phinbella

Flag of Federal Republic of Phinbella.pngCoat of arms of Phinbella 2020.png

Istiqamah Creates Excellence
Hopefully the Morning Shine
Capital cityBandar Baru Fatin
Official language(s)Malay, Ume Momoan Malay, Pyeongrang Malay, Korean, Phinbellan Korean, Greek, Portuguese, Cantonese, Minionese, Yapreayan, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Phinbellan Japanese, Turkish
GovernmentFederal Republic
- PresidentIkmal Hakimi
- Prime MinisterCik Muda Atiqah Rahman
LegislaturePhinbella Federal Legislative Assembly
Area claimed>400 km²
CurrencyPhinbellan Florin (alongside Malaysian Ringgit and Urtas)
Time zoneUTC +8, +9:20
National animalPlatypus

Official Website

Federal Republic of Phinbella (FRP; Phinbella; Malay: Repablik Persekutuan Phinbella; Pahang Malay: Repablik Pesekutuai Phinbella; Korean: 핀벨라연방공화국 Pinbella Yeonbang Gonghwaguk; Afrikaans: Federaldeu Republiek van Phinbella; Romansh: Republica Federala Phinbella; Japanese: フィニべラ連邦共和国 Finibera Renpō Kyōwakoku) is a federal republic located in Micras which was established on January 6, 2019, after Phinbella's co-founder, Ikmal Hakimi signed the New Permata Treaty and the Micrasian territorial claim was successful. Territory of Phinbella shares border only with Sanpantul by land and border with Sanpantul, Passio-Corum and Republic of Lostisland by territorial waters.

Phinbella is organised into 21 territories for local government purposes. The Federal Republic of Phinbella also includes Permata Mutiara (a dependent territory); the Oriental Hispanioéire Srieapska and Niuē i Taman Lawang (sovereign occupied entities); and the Ross Dependency, which is Phinbella's territorial claim in Micrasian Antarctica.