Peter and Leonard Drawn to Danger

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Peter and Leonard Drawn to Danger is a animated/live action movie, staring Kaz Studios biggest stars, Peter and Leonard, and Jerald the Giraffe

Peter and Leonard Drawn to Danger
Peter and Leonard drawn to danger poster.png

Produced by = Kaz Studios

Cast = Alexia Blackston

Twinkle McFluffy

Jerald the Giraffe

Katherine Reeves

Zachary Blackston


Peter and Leonard are filming a movie, when they decide to go out for tea. While in the tea shop, they see some odd things, but think they are just seeing things. Soon Pinpanipalopolus comes up to them and asks them if they have seen a giraffe. Peter and Leonard then meet Jerald outside the tea shop, and decide to investigate how he got to the human world. They each go different directions, and both solve the mystery. they confront Pinpanipalopolus-he was the villian- and Jerald hits him with a mallet. Giving up on getting Jerald back to his world, the trio watch a film, and Jerald disappears, and come on the screen. He then waves goodbye, and the movie ends.


While coming up with this idea, the actors were separated by Covid-19, making filming live action tricky. While working this dilema out, the animation team has almost completed their goal already. Filming began June 9th 2020, and the was finished the 16th.


While all previous Jeralds have been hand animated on paper, for this project the crew switched to digital, because it was looked better on greenscreen.


Peter and Leonard Drawn to Danger screened June 18th 2020, to audience praze. The film, merged both Jerald fans, and P&L Fans, as well as uveilling a new piece of Kazzian Technology