Peter I of Erusia

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Peter I
King of Erusia

King of Erusia
Reign 28 October 2008 - 8 November 2008
Predecessor Throne Created last held by Colum II as King of Licentia
Successor Monarchy abolished eventually Robert Lethler as Supreme People's Commissioner
Consort N/A
House House of Maxwell
Born 1990 (age 18 or 19)
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King Peter I was the regnal name of the deposed Monarch of what is now the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia, who reigned from October 28th 2008 until the Erusian National Communist Party seized power on November 8th of that year. Next to nothing is known about the former King beyond the fact he and his supporters were at once exiled from the nation when the Communist movement took power, and the Communist Party has made it clear that even discussing the period of Monarchy in Erusia would be a "political error" for any official. In July 2009, rumours have reportedly began to circulate among Party members that the former King had recently contacted the then-Supreme People's Commissioner Robert Lethler - the Erusian government denies any knowledge of this.

Full titles as King

His Majesty Peter the first by the by the Grace of God, King of Erusia.

Monarchical Styles of
Erusian King Peter I
Reference style His Majesty
Spoken style Your Majesty
Alternative style Sir