Perth Accord

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Perth Accord
Created15 June 2020
Ratified17 June 2020
LocationRoyal Australissian Archives
Author(s)Daniel Roscoe
SignatoriesOriginal Signatories:
PurposeTo create a diplomatic, trade and military bond between West Australian micronations.

The Perth Accord is a treaty written on 15 June 2020 and ratified by the original signatories on 17 June 2020. The purpose of the Perth Accord is to create a diplomatic, trade and military bond between signatories. The Perth Accord is limited to micronations within the Perth Co-Prosperity Sphere. The current micronations who have signed the Perth Accord are the Unified Royal States of Australis and the Kingdom of Australand.


Article One

"All signatories agree to formally and mutually recognise each other as nations."

Article Two

"In the event of a natural disaster or other state emergency, all signatories must be willing to pledge their support and aid to each other."

Article Three

"In the event of a nations independence or national security being threatened by another entity, all signatories will pledge military support to each other."

Article Four

"All signatories must respect and honour each other’s boundaries."

Article Five

"Failure to follow these terms may result in the offending signatory being revoked from the Perth Accord."

Article Six

"Amendments may be made to the Perth Accord following a unanimous majority vote from all signatories."


Since the ratification of the Perth Accord, Australis and Australand have become close allies. There have been talks regarding a potential summit in the future, however factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic may affect the plans.

Military Alliances

As a token of diplomacy, Australand offered the Grand Duke of Australis, Daniel Roscoe, the honorary military title of Major-General in their military. Australis are intending to do the same.