Pereican peso

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Pereican Peso
Official users800px-FlagPereica.png The Kingdom of Pereica
Pegged toChilean Peso
SymbolDollar ($), Cent (¢), Mill (₥)
Sub-unit1/10 (Dime), 1/100 (Cent), 1/1000 (Mill)
Coins1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 50$, 500$
Banknotes$1000, $2000 $10,000 $20,000
Central bankBank of Pereica

The Pereican peso, occasionally called Pereicos, is the national currency of Pereica. At the present time, it is pegged to the Chilean peso. However, negotiations are being held within the GAMA to determine a universal value of currency within Pereica.



The most common colloquialisms for the Pereican Peso are Pereicos The nickname Pereicos is also used for all notes and coins. The name Pereicos is very common throughout Pereica and anybody will know the name so do not hesitate to say Pereicos instead of Pesos.



Value Obverse Reverse Common Name
Value indication Orca Penny
Value indication Albatross Nickel
10¢ Value indication Krill Dime
25¢ Value indication Antarctic Fur Seal Quarter
50¢ Value indication Weddell Seal Halfpiece
$1 Value indication Emperor Penguin Emp
$2 Value indication Snow Petrel Petrel


Value Obverse Reverse Color
$5 Roald Amundsen Ross Sea Iceberg Violet
$10 Sir Douglas Mawson Gentoo penguins on Antarctic Peninsula Blue
$20 Ferdinand Magellan Taylor Valley Green
$50 Capt. James Cook Snow Petrel nest on South Georgia Island Yellow
$100 Robert Falcon Scott Antarctic Peninsula icy coastline Orange
$500 Ernest Shackleton Mount Melbourne Red

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