People's Republic of Anderlecht

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People's Republic of Anderlecht
Flag of Anderlecht.png

Travailleurs du monde, unissez vous! (French)
Arbeiders van de wereld, vereinigt u! (Dutch)
Workers of the world, unite! (English)
The internationale
Map of PRA.jpg
Official language(s)French, Dutch
Official religion(s)Laïcité
GovernmentAuthoritarian Single-Party Communist state
- PremierBaz Shar
- PresidentBaz Shar
- General Secretary of the CPABaz Shar
LegislatureSupreme People's Assembly
- Type - Unicameral
EstablishedSeptember 14th 2011 Gregorian callender
January 1st, 1 Revolutionary callender
Time zone(ECT)
Rejects daylight savings.

The People's Republic of Anderlecht is a micronational communist state which was founded on the 14th of september 2011, which is in the revolutionary callender as the 1st january 1. The micronation is situated at the southern part of west Brussels which is a province in the Kingdom of Belgium. The president of the country is Baz Shar who is also the general secretary and founder of the communist party. The rulling political party is the communist party of Anderlecht.