People's Unity Party of Wensleydale

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People's Unity Party of Wensleydale
LeaderRilgar Ompastre
Newspaper'The Wensleydale Republican'
Ideology • Socialism •
Civic Nationalism •
Wensleydalian Cultural Celebration
Official coloursDark Green
People's Assembly
11 / 11
CountryFlag of Akebar.png Wensleydale
The Wensleydalian Republican

The People's Unity Party of Wensleydale, often abbreviated to "People's Unity Party', 'Unity Party' or 'PUPW' is the leading Vanguard Party in the Free Republic of Wensleydale. It combines Socialism and Civic Nationalism to create its core belief, not unlike Sinn Féin of Ireland.


The party was founded after the Republic of Wensleydale successfully forced Monarch Joseph Kennedy to abdicate.

Initially, those who went on to form the PUPW supported the creation of the Monarchy, in the hope that it would encourage Wensleydalians to show a love of their nation and culture. However, the vast majority of Wensleydalian citizens became discontent with the Monarchy, and therefore organized a movement lead by Rilgar Ompastre and Martyn Järvenpää to abolish the monarchy and convert Wensleydale to a socialist state, under the name of "the Free Republic of Wensleydale". Garside and Järvenpää managed to gain a massive amount of support very quickly; when the coup was openly declared, seven out of the eight citizens of Wensleydale were in support of building a socialist state and abolishing the monarchy. Unsurprisingly, King Joseph Kennedy was against the coup, and received support from some foreign micronationalists such as Kuri Kabanov of Renasia. With the high level of popular support for the movement, its socialist roots and the presence of Rilgar Ompastre and several other Sorrenian citizens at the head of the coup, the Sorrenian government quickly agreed to assist in the coup, and with such high pressure both internally and externally, Joey Kennedy was forced to abdicate. The monarchy was abolished and the Republic of Wensleydale was established under Garside's socialist government, and joint Military actions were held between the Revolutionary Army of Sorrenia and the Wensleydalian Liberation Army in East Sorrenia (close to the Wensleydalian Republican base of Harehill). The Free Republic of Wensleydale remains to this day a close ally of Sorrenia.