People's Republic of South Batina

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People's Republic Of South Batina

Özgürlük ve Emek (English: Freedom and Labor)
Uyanın Ey Sevgili Dünya
Map of South Batina.png
Unclaimed area between Serbia and Croatia
Capital cityDickholm
Largest cityNovi Sarajevo
Official language(s)Turkish and Bosnian
Official religion(s)Secular (Muslims have the majority.)
Short nameSouth Batina
DemonymSouth Batinain
GovernmentPeople's Republic
- Number of seats - 6
- Last election - Last election (2017)
Area claimed767m²
Population18 (unsure)
CurrencySouth Batina Lira
Time zone(UTC+2
This country is a socialist liberal state. Which is found on 27 April of 2017.They support their original ideology: Socialist-Liberlasm.



Turkish and Bosnian


Established on 25 April 2017.

Government and politics

There is only one party which is Free Socialist Labors Party.

Law and order

Courts and governments work together.

Foreign relations

Currently started nothing is clear. There are on-going conversations with Aerican Empire.


All citizens counts as a reserve personal in the army. On the other hand there aren't any active personals. The Great Law (State's Law Book) says that it isn't allowed to declare war.


Unknown variable.


Mixture of South East European Culture and Turkish Culture


Novi Sarajevo Times

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