People's Republic of Plamia

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People's Republic of Plamia (English) , Република Пламия (Bulgarian)
It's the flag of the PRP

Real Plamism has never been tried
Tih bqal Dunav
Capital cityPlamtown
Largest cityPlamtown
Official language(s)Bulgarian , English
Official religion(s)Church of Plam , Orthodox Christian
Short namePlamia
GovernmentElective representative democracy
- PresidentPlamen (Plam) Iliev
LegislatureCongress of Plamia
- Upper HouseSenate
- Lower HouseNational Council
- Type - Bicameral
- Number of seats - 11
- Last election - Each year on the 2nd of January
Established30th of Octuber, 2015
Area claimed1 sq. km.
CurrencyPlamian Lev (π)
GDP (nominal)1100BGN/700USD
Time zoneEST -2
National sportChess
National dishEggs in any cooked form
National drinkLemon flavor Fanta
National animalSCP-999
National exportPlams
History below

Plamia's start (The creation era)

Plamia was a nation ever since the end of 2015 to the start of 2016, but it's existence it's different than a normal nation's, because it was a thing before it technically existed. Let me explain: Plamia for about 7-8 months after it's first creation was just an idea that didn't even have a flag, so if you want, you can not count those for the time it existed , but after that brief period, it was merged with another nation to form the union of the Nickoplamian Republic, as said at the end of 2015, October. As it progressed, the nation had 30 citizens at it's peak and was very much a stable nation, until the creators stopped doing anything on it, and the title of President, that was tied to a contract and whoever owns it, is the president. It was passed to one of the creator's best friends and forgotten to this day. There is nothing more known about the document, some say it was destroyed, some it's still in the friend's possession and she is still the president of a democratic union of nations, created by her friends and forgotten.

The second coming of the Plam (The Monarchist era)

And then a two-year pause stopped anything related to micronationalism, until 2017 when the creator Plam and three others decided to create the Woodland Civilization, a small micronation that used a small patch of the forest as territory. It quickly fell under corruption and was destroyed, never to be revived. Even after that, the Plamian country was still somewhat existent and after another 2 years later, 2019 just so happened to reunite the same four people who again decided to create a nation, this time a federation of states. Plamia, Emildel, Lealand and Vania, all were supposed to be equally powerful. However, both Emildel and Plamia were smaller than the others, thus making for a situation in which a war broke out and ended with a draw. The two nations left the union and made the Emilo-Plamian Empire, and it stayed like that until today. A Plamian nation still was a thing outside of it. And it decided to join the Reddit micronation community.

Reddit (The coaporation era)

January 2020, the first post of Plamia on Reddit was an image of the flag. It was quickly able to ally with another nation - Selembroznia, called the UMN, united micronations.