People's Republic of Plamia

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The People's Republic of Plamia
Народна Република Пламия
Flag of Plamia
Motto: Свободата е право
Liberty is a right
Anthem: Тих бял Дунав
Official languagesBulgarian
ReligionAtheist State
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
• President
• Speaker of Parliament
LegislaturePlamian Parliament
• NickoPlamian Republic
31st of October 2015
• Woodland Civilization
1st of July 2017
• Kingdom of Plamia
11th of July 2019
• P.R. of Plamia
1st of January 2020
• 2022 estimate
• Census
CurrencyBulgarian Lev (BGN)
Time zoneEET+2
National sportFencing
National animalFrog

The People's Republic of Plamia, more commonly known as Plamia, is a micronation based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Plamia was officially established on 31st of October 2015 as the NickoPlamian Republic, named after the two founders, Plamen Iliev and Nikolai Mitankin.

It is a parliamentary republic a President as the head of state, and a Prime Minister as the head of government.


Early history

Created in 2015 by two friends, it originally was mostly a thought experiment of how they would run a country. President Plamen Iliev and Vice President Nikolai Mitankin were appointed by themselves. They planned many things, such as city organization, the system of government, the claimed territory, originally consisting of an area near the city of Sofia that was currently nobody's, ect. They recruited others to become citizens and issues passports and citizen IDs. After a few months the first elections were held, with 3 positions up for grabs: President, Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament, which at the time was the only member of parliament due to the low number of citizens. Plamen Iliev was reelected as President, Nikolai Mitankin was elected as Prime Minister and another of their friends named Antoanela was elected as Speaker of Parliament. They ran the country for the next few years, with all of them being reelected every election, up until 2017. That year they decided to hold a bet and drafted a document, saying whoever won said bet becomes the Supreme Leader of the country and gets to do whatever they wish with it. Eventually Antoanela won it and she was officially made Empress for life, still ruling the EmiloPlamian Republic, under it's new name, Antaland,

The Woodland Civilization

Even though he lost the bet, Antoanela allowed Plamen Iliev to break off his country and remain as President of the now fractured Plamia on the 15th of May, which had no official name for months, until July the 1st , when he reorganized it and invited his friends and brother, Ivan Iliev, Emil and Eleia, to be citizens. The new government was a lot simpler and was in effect a direct democracy, with all 4 citizens spending most of their time cleaning up their new land claim from all of the human waste and spider webs, as said land claim was almost entirely a giant former logging area with leftover stubs and tall grass. Eleia created her own business selling pillows made from naturally growing big leafed plants, who were soft enough to actually use as pillows, for fruits and other valuable items the others offered her. They sometimes had picnics there and eventually created a flag, a brown dot on a green background, meant to represent a log in a grass plain. For the next 2 years nothing out of the ordinary happened, however on the 9th of July 2019 they decided, that it would be best to give each of the four citizens a piece of land to control. Plamen Iliev drew a map of provinces and each person took turns claiming one at a time, excluding the center province, which was to be kept communal. Eventually the borders were drawn and the new 4 nations were created: Emildor, Emil's kingdom, Eleialand, Eleia's constitutional monarchy, Vania, Ivan Iliev's military dictatorship and The Kingdom of Plamia, Plamen Iliev's Presidential republic, in which he also appointed himself as king. The Treaty of Woodland was signed on the 11th of July 2019, officially creating the four nations


Law and order

The Plamian Constitution is the supreme law of the land in Plamia, although Bulgarian law is respected.

Foreign relations

The PRP is an opponent of Authoritarianism in all forms and has condemned many nations who oppress their people. They have often been an ally of the Nexan Republic in their wars as the nations have a stronger than usual alliance.

Mutual Recognition, Allied States, Embassies Opened


  • Inprfection
  • Anti-Tizian Aktion
  • Directionist Bloc

Inter-Governmental Alliances

  • The United Micro Nations

Recognized Nations and Micronations

Unrecognized Nations and Micronations

Individuals and Micronations deemed as Terrorist


The Plamian military consists of 2 branches, the regular cyber force, who mainly handle war and peace talks, and the intelligence department, who engage in spying and other secretive work. The military is under direct control from the President, although the Marshal of the Plamian Army, currently a position taken by Misho, is usually in control when the President is not there to make a decision. The Intelligence department is semi-independent, with no higher authority other than the protocol for carrying out operations. Currently there are 6 active spies for the Plamian government, only 2 of them publicaly stated to be so.


Plamia holds 3 land claims:

The town of Plamtown, located in Sofia, Bulgaria;

The Pravec settlement, located in rural Bulgaria;

The city of Woodland, located in the small city of Koprivchica.

All three completely legal and enforceable.