People's Republic of Fireland

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People's Republic of Fireland
PRF Flag.png
Motto: Omnino, unum
Anthem: Proud to be Firelandic
and largest city
Official languagesFirelandic, English
GovernmentDemocratic Oligarchy
• The Chairman
Chairman ALX
LegislatureAuthoritarian Oligarchy
EstablishmentJunary 12, 2012
• Census
CurrencyFirelandic Monetary Unit (FMU)
Time zoneGreenwich Mean Time (GMT)

The People's Republic of Fireland, or commonly known as Fireland or as the PRF, is an autonomous and sovereign entity known to many people as a micronation. Fireland is divided into two regions; Infernus and Core Territory. Infernus is known as Fireland's capital and largest city. This country is lead by a Chairman and the military, which gives its government necessary authority to ensure the safety of all of its citizens. This nation's main goal, as stated on its government website, it to create a working and realistic utopia using an authoritarian government, but by also giving its citizens enough freedom to live peacefully. Fireland's currency is the Firelandic Monetary Unit, or FMU for short. It is used mainly for fish trade.


Fireland's name comes from 'fire', which is a symbol of power and 'land', which is a common suffix used in nation's names. The PRF's name shall not be confused with 'tierra del fuego', an area in South America.


November 2012: The Principality of Fireland

The Principality of Fireland was a dictatorial micronation that preceded the PRF. It peacefully existed in its first 2 months until the January 12th Civil War.

Civil War

On January 12, 2013, Fireland had a few complaints from its citizens which caused it to have a destabilized government. The Firelandic government. So, after a major reform, Fireland became what it is known as today, the People's Republic of Fireland.

Fireland today

Today, the People's Republic of Fireland continues to strive and increase size. Fireland is also claiming more and more land such as the enormous Earth's Inner Core (the Core Territory).


Fireland is divided in two regions:

Flag Region Description Citizens
Prfinfernusflag.png Infernus Home of Fireland's capital: Infernus. Most of this region is composed of grassland. Infernus is located in the Chairman's garden. Many landmarks are located in Infernus like the original Firelandic Flag. Infernus' average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius in summer while it could drop down to -10 degrees Celsius in the winter. 3 (Based on January 2013 Census)
Prfcoreflag.png Core Territory Fireland claims the surface of the Earth's inner solid core. It is mainly used as a placeholder claim. This claim is protected by the government of Fireland and was first mentioned on the creation of the Principality of Fireland, on October 23, 2012.
0 (Based on January 2013 Census)

Government and politics

Fireland's government is authoritarian oligarchy, meaning that this nation is ruled by a few. This nation has one party; it claims that having too much parties causes too much arguments in political elections.

Government Infrastructure

The Firelandic government is composed of three positions (each associated with a ministry except for the Chairman), the lawmaker, the military and the Chairman. The lawmaker is elected every 7 years while the Chairman stays in power for life.


He approves the laws and passes them of to the citizens. He also governs the nation and handles diplomatic relations.

Current Chairman: Chairman ALX


He makes laws and gives them to the Chairman for approval.

Current Lawmaker: Vacant (the Chairman handles this duty while there is no lawkmaker)


The military help keep security in Fireland and enforces the laws. It is composed of seven ranks, each rank may be attained by promotion from a high ranking officer:

  • Pvt.png Private - PVT
  • Pvt1c.png Private First Class - PVT
  • Cpl.png Corporal - CPL
  • Lieut.png Lieutenant - LTN
  • Serg.png Sergeant - SRG - (High Rank)
  • Maj.png Major - MAJ - (High Rank)
  • Gen.png General - GEN - (High Rank)


In Fireland, there are also ministries, which are owned by the Firelandic government and help govern their specialized area:

Ministry Description Minister
The Ministry of Pisciculture The Ministry of Pisciculture manages farming regulations and monitors Fireland's main resource of food, fish. Vacant
The Ministry of Culture The Ministry of Culture is responsible for the development and maintenance of Firelandic culture. Vacant
The Military The Military is responsible for managing Fireland's Armed Forces, AKA the Firelandic People's Army,. Chairman ALX
The Ministry of the Economy The Ministry of the Economy monitors Fireland's economy. Vacant
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Ministry of Foreign Affairs handles all alliance requests and looks for allies. Chairman ALX
The Ministry of Health The Ministry of Health offers health support to Firelandic citizens, and provides them with basic healthcare. Vacant
The Ministry of Air The Ministry of Air manages and funds Fireland's aerospace program. Chairman ALX
The Ministry of Justice The Ministry of Justice handles cases and lawsuits. The judges are a sample of ten civilians. The lawmaker (de facto Chairman ALX)

Note: If seats in a ministry are vacant, the Chairman shall take their place.

Law and order

The military is responsible for enforcing the law. Depending on the offence, delinquents are judged by 10 citizens. There is no death sentence is Fireland, people who commit crimes are exiled. For small crimes, people are given 'warnings'. After two warnings, criminals are exiled.

Foreign relations

The People's Republic of Fireland recognizes these nations:

Nations are free to send alliance/recognition requests in the discussion part of this page


Fireland's main currency is the Firelandic Monetary Unit. It is pegged to 5 USD. The FMU is deemed useful by many for simple transactions like fish trade, etc.


People's Republic of Fireland's official meal is fried fish, fishing is an important cultural aspect in Fireland. Its official drink is saltwater. Fireland's official sport is table tennis, a well appreciated pastime in Fireland. Fireland's most spoken language is English, thought Fireland's official language is Firelandic, a dialect of English.

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