People's Republic of Cheyenne

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People's Republic of Cheyenne

Freedomia, Freedomia, Freedomia is marching on!
Freedomia, Freedomia, Freedomia is marching on!
Near Basment, Freedomia
Capital cityCheyenne
Largest cityCheyenne
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity
GovernmentCommunist Republic
- PresidentAnonymous
- Vice-PresidentAnonymous
Area claimedUnknown
Time zone(UTC)
National sportSoftball
National animalUnknown
Patron saintUnknown
This nation is a member of the United Kingdoms of Freedomia

Does not exist

The People's Republic of Cheyenne was a micronation founded in 2009.


Cheyenne was taken from the name of the founder.


Cheyenne began as a small country in Basment, Freedomia. The city-state emerged when Mark II granted Cheyenne half of Basment's territory. Soon the two countries were united under the United Kingdoms of Freedomia. Unfortunately the government became defunct after a few days and the territory was re-annexed to the Freedomian Empire.

Government & Politics

The Government is ran by a President and an unconfirmed Senate with two seats on it.

Law & Order

Cheyenne, being a member of the United Kingdoms of Freedomia, received police and fire services from the Empire of Freedomia. A court was also created.

Foreign Relations

Cheyenne was an ally of the Empire of Freedomia.


The Cheyanian Military was not created; instead Cheyenne received military support from Freedomia.

Geography & Climate

In Cheyenne it never rains, snows, or gets cold. The average temperature all year around is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The ground is very cool and is concrete.


Cheyenne had a currency, the Cheyenne, a bank, and a post office.


When Cheyenne became a member of the United Kingdoms of Freedomia, it had Freedomian Culture immediately flowing into the country.


Cheyenne received news service from Freedomia.