People's Police

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Volkswachkörper (ger)
People's Police (eng)
Народная милиция (rus)
人民警察 (cmn)

Vwk flag.png    Vwk emblem.png
Headquarters Bischofshofen, PPDR

Established 5 August 2017

Executive (Justice Commissar) Liana Dubsky

The People's Police, or literally the People's Guarding Body (ger. Volkswachkörper), is the governmental institution responsible for enforcing the law, solving civic conflicts and assisting with common day-to-day problems in the Pangavian People's Democratic Republic.

PP uniform

Ranking System

Rank category Rank (English) Rank (German) Abbreviation Shoulder board insignia
Police Council People's Commissar for Justice Justizvolkskommissar JVK. Pangavia Rank 1 VWK.png
Staff Counselor Stabsrat SRt. Pangavia Rank 2 VWK.png
Senior Counselor Oberrat ORt. Pangavia Rank 3 VWK.png
Counselor Rat Rt. Pangavia Rank 4 VWK.png
Field officers Colonel Oberst Obt. Pangavia Rank 5 VWK.png
Lieutenant Colonel Oberstleutnant Obl. Pangavia Rank 6 VWK.png
Major Major Maj. Pangavia Rank 7 VWK.png
Lieutenant Major Majoradjutant MaA. Pangavia Rank 8 VWK.png
Captain Hauptmynn Htm. Pangavia Rank 9 VWK.png
1st Lieutenant Oberleutnant OLtn. Pangavia Rank 10 VWK.png
2nd Lieutenant Leutnant Ltn. Pangavia Rank 11 VWK.png
Officer students Officer Cadet Aspirant Asp. Pangavia Rank 12 VWK.png
Enlisted Staff Seargent Oberwachtmeister OWtm. Pangavia Rank 13 VWK.png
Seargent Wachtmeister Wtm. Pangavia Rank 14 VWK.png
Cadet Kadett Kdt. Pangavia Rank 15 VWK.png
Private Rekrut Rkt. Pangavia Rank 16 VWK.png