People's Congress of Orientia

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People’s Congress of Orientia
People’s Congress
PresidentPun Watta, United Left
since 14 October 2019
PremierLeon Montan, United Left
since 11 May 2020
Speaker of the People’s CongressPun Watta, United Left
since 11 February 2020
  • 11 Voting Delegates
People’s Congress political groups
  United Left: 4 seats
  Liberal Party: 2 seats
  Independent: 1 seat
People’s Congress voting systemFirst-past-the-post
People’s Congress last election8 April 2020
Meeting place
Orientian House of Congress
Kiwiland Congress House
Rallas Hall of Congress

The People's Congress of Orientia is the legislative assembly of the People's Republic of Orientia. It was formed on the 8 October 2019, on the day Orientia was established. According to the constitution, the Congress has eight voting delegates and a Finndonian representative. Meeting places include the Orientian House of Congress in Hui City and the Kiwiland Congress House but it's de facto meeting place is the Orientia Discord server.

Members and structure

The People's Congress of Orientia consists of eleven voting representatives from each state. After the 2020 congressional election, 9 congressmen were chosen. Many were inactive however, and a search for newer, more active congressional representatives began. As of May 2020, there are 7 represntatives.

Picture Name State Assumed office Party
Tanya.jpg Pun Watta Watta 8 April 2020 United Left
No-profile2.jpg Max Baez Rallas 11 May 2020 United Left
Pip.jpg Pip Limatibul Kiwiland 8 April 2020 Liberal Party
Screenshot 26.jpg Jayden Lycon Nashino 2 May 2020 Independent
No-profile2.jpg Matthew Xia Slavland 11 May 2020 Liberal Party
Leon picrew.png Leon Montan Desk 20 April 2020 United Left
Pitt.jpg Pitt Sophonsiri New Brownland 15 May 2020 United Left